Origin and musical journey of Givers band


Givers band has now become a popular household name across USA, since its inception in the year of 2008. The band is specialized in composing songs using the genres of World beat and Indie Pop. Previously they used genres like Cajun, jazz and zydeco but once they shifted for the new genres it had brought them considerable fame and popularity.

Members who have contributed to the popularity of this band mainly include Nick Stephan (keyboardist, saxophonist and flautist), Josh LeBlanc (guitarist and bassist), Kirby Campbell (vocalist and drummer), Taylor Guarisco (guitarist and vocalist) and Tiffany Lamson (percussionist and vocalist). Though the band was supposed to be started in the year of 2005 but due to Hurricane Katrina its journey was postponed. In the year of 2010 the band had recorded the debut album called In Light which was released in the year of 2011 in June. Their ‘Up, Up, Up’ song had also found place in gaming consoles like FIFA 12 and in one of the episodes of a popular US serial. You can get more details for their band from their website, just like you get details for various services online. For example, if you’ve been on the lookout for roof services in the Hamilton region then you get it at www.hamiltonroofpros.com.

Givers the band- members and the albums released by the band


Givers are a popular indie pop band that has been established in the year 2005. The band started its professional musical journey in the year of 2008 and till now they’ve mesmerized the audience with experimental sound tracks. Members of this band mainly include keyboardist, saxophonist and flautist Nick Stephan, guitarist and bassist Josh LeBlanc, vocalist and drummer Kirby Campbell, guitarist and vocalist Taylor Guarisco and percussionist and vocalist Tiffany Lamson.

Their excellent bondings have resulted in the outstanding success of the band in recent years. They started their journey in the zydeco and Cajuns genre. But they’ve not looked back since the time they switched to the Indie-pop genre. The crowd has just loved their live shows and background recordings. In Light is their debut album that was launched in the year of 2011. It was released under the banner of Glassnote Records.

They’ve successfully created sensation with another album known as new Kingdom that was released in the year of 2015. One of their songs “Up, Up, Up’ has been featured in the game of FIFA 12 and also in the popular television Glee series in USA. The band sets to break all the prevalent notion of rock music to unleash perfect fusion of Afro-American musical tunes.

They’ve also received admiration from other bands as well and are optimistic about their future success. They have shown tremendous energy for conducting live performance at mid night without any sort complaint. Members of this musical band do have an early exposure with various musical instruments during their formative college years. The crowd can expect some interesting releases from the band this year. Always experimenting with interesting music and cool background score, this band is here to stay and rock the audience.




The advent of Indie pop music


Indie pop is regarded to be the subgenre of the alternative rock that has flourished in the late 1980s in the UK. The pop owes its origin from the dominant English band of 1980 The Smiths. It draws influence from the related ideologies and ethics of the other popular rock music genre known as Punks.

Unlike Indie rock, it is relatively free of angst, less abrasive and more melodic. The expression is also used for describing artists on the basis of autonomous labels. The term was first used in the debut musical album of Spiral Scratch EP in the year 1977 by Buzzcocks band. The expression got further popularity with the release of C86 and C81 cassettes by the British musical journal NME.

The genre was subject to criticism during the later period of 1980 for its direct association with the concept of underachievement and shambling. The genre since its inception is continuously inspiring musicians to produce something new to refresh the soul of the audience unlike traditional pop music. Artists belonging to this genre always attempt to adopt a simplistic and seemingly primitive approach towards music.

The reflection of this musical genre is much noticeable when artists use general instruments like vocals, bass and drums. The genre was further popularized by other well known musical bands like Field Mice, Primal Scream and so on. It has revolutionized the rock music of United Kingdom and it is quite evident when you look at its growing popularity every day.  For instance Sweden has enhanced the export level of such musical genre via Labrador Records. It was also used in various musical dramas and television series to offer new audio visual experience to the spectators. Presently, the genre is going through further innovation and experimentation.

All you need to know about Givers The Band


One of the most popular bands in the US, Givers has been trending around the world for some time now. Primarily originated from the Lafayattee city of Louisiana the band mostly comprises of active members like Nick Stephan, Josh LeBlanc, Kirby Campbell, Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson. Since its inception in the year of 2008, the progress of the band is outstanding with growing numbers of followers each day.

The band is specialized in the musical genres of worldbeat and indie pop. They’ve been successful to offer something different to the audience unlike the traditional rock music. In Light is the debut album of this band that was released in the year of 2011. They’re known for experimenting with various musical segments to come out with something unique.

Givers band mainly draws their inspirations from other American rock bands like Talking Heads and Dirty Projectors. The group is often compared with other modern rock bands like Local Natives, Neon Indians and Vampire Weekend. Their “Up, Up Up” song is featured in almost major television programs of USA. The success of the band mainly lies in the team spirit among the members.

The band has performed in different parts of America and UK getting great crowd support in almost all their events. All its musical albums till now have touched the dreams and aspirations of the listeners with perfect refreshment of mind. Presently, the band members are working on their new albums about which nobody wants to say anything at the moment. Till now all its musical albums have been top of the American musical chart with growing number of listeners. They give their best in every song whether in recording studio or in live performance. The members emphasized on the need of rehearsal to produce quality songs for the admirers.